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The folk music group Kollijox was formed in 1990.
Our base is Järfälla, a suburban municipality 25 km northwest of Stockholm.

So why and where do we play? The main reason is to play for dancers, to gammeldans and polska. But we also enjoy playing for sing along, in private parties and sometimes in concerts. All according to public and arranger. The instrumentation is accordion, fiddle, nyckelharpa, chord zither and contrabass.

Kollijox appears mostly in the Stockholm area. We have played at the biggest event in wintertime in Sweden, the Midwinter-stämma, on stage and for dancing. Our two cd:s will give you a view of our music, mainly Swedish and Norwegian.

Kollijox & friends rocked the 2015 Skandia Ball,

Seattle, USA  (October 2015)

KOLLIJOX and fan club dancers – Tour in USA and Canada in October 2015

KOLLIJOX wants to send a warm thank to all of you in the US and Canada who made our trip to an unforgettable experience!

 October 2015

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Vancouver, Canada

Seattle, USA.


Lena Håkan Staffan Lars Tommy

Lena,       Håkan,         Staffan,          Lars,        Tommy

Lena Olofsson, contrabass
Håkan Zetterberg, accordion
Staffan Karlsson, fiddel, guitar, vocal
Lars Lindkvist, nyckelharpa
Tommy Wallster, chord zither
Björn Sörving, fiddel



Listen to Kollijox:

Youtube-clip from dance evening March 28, 2015

At Akademiska folkdanslaget in Stockholm

Video: Horgalåten with Kollijox and dancers

Bodapolska: Skålbergslåten

from cd 1:   Forsbergarnas polka      Vals av Ekor Anders
from cd 2:   Hestekaren, reinländer   Bodapolska efter Karlströms Kalle

Kollijox have recorded two CDs

Our first cd: KOLLIJOX, from 2005

Kollijox cd 1

Our second cd, KOLLIJOX 20 year, from 2011

Kollijox cd 2

Kollijox play for Spånga folkdansgille

vårfest Spånga 2013 054

Kollijox play for Dansringen, Märsta

Kollijox i Märsta 2013-03-25      Kollijox i Märsta 2 - 2013-03-25